5 Reasons Football Coaching Games Need a Culture Dynamic

Here at TheOldBallCoach we’re building the best football coaching games possible and we’ve decided to put that into a turn-based simulation. Therefore we have to think about the dynamics that drive the key outcome our game simulates, the outcome of individual football games. A huge dynamic that you will manage as a coach in our game is your team’s Culture. Our analysis of research from Florida State University on high school football dynasties finds that there are five ways that Culture drives a football program’s success.

Culture Drives Player Behavior

Culture influences player behavior. All behavior is a product of the actor and the environment. Culture is the part of the environment that the coach either has direct control over or manages to exert his influence on. When a coach builds a strong culture, it means they have developed an environment where players are more likely to choose the better behavior when given a choice. Player behavior is some of the fun in football coaching games so we’re including culture. Most coaches focus their culture-building efforts on two key types of behaviors.

Culture Drives Player Development

Many coaches focus on building cultures that promotes the maximum player development. These coaches create an environment where every player is encouraged to actualize their full potential. This helps the coach get the most out of his players’ natural gifts. Most football coaching games include player development but only TheOldBallCoach includes culture as a driver.

Culture Drives Academics

Many coaches foster cultures that encourage athletes to focus on academics. These programs work to set a standard of academic performance for the players. This helps to develop the players prepare for life and has the added benefit of stabilizing the roster by avoid academic suspensions. TheOldBallCoach is proud to be one of the only football coaching games to include academics in our game and culture will be important if you’re going to keep your star players on the field.

Culture Drives Fundraising

Some coaches are all about the Benjamins and they build a culture around fundraising. The coaches, players, and community are all taught to focus on the bottom line and run the program together like a sophisticated enterprise. Athletics in Texas represent a multi-million dollar industry and has to be in any high quality, realistic football coaching game.

Culture Drives Coach Development

The mark of coaches that change the sport is a culture that develops coaches. These programs tend to spread cultures and systems throughout the sport. This spread is joined by little evolutions that create coaching trees which we think are some of the coolest narratives in football. Our vision is to turn TheOldBallCoach into a football coaching game where those narratives arise in the gameplay.

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