Texas High School Football Simulator Game

The Old Ball Coach (TOBC) is a single-player Texas high school football simulator that lets a player experience being a football coach and general manager building a career that can span High School, College, and Professional ranks. 

TOBC provides a highly-realistic Texas high school football simulator. The depth and realism are driven by cutting-edge cloud and analytics practices.

TOBC is a game that focuses on the challenges that coaches and managers grapple with in high school football coaching.

You can select any team in the state and attempt to build your staff, system, and entire program  – even down to your middle school/junior high levels – as you work to create a dynasty for your team and community or a hall of fame career for yourself.

But don’t get overwhelmed if this all feels like a bit much; we’re designing smart AI agents that reflect your staff’s skills to manage any parts you choose to ignore, assuming you can afford the staff to do the work.

TOBC challenges you to manage your staff including your extended workforce like booster clubs in high school, compliance and tutoring staff in college, and analytics units in the pros.

Go into insane detail by managing the daily assignments of your staff or focus on the parts that matter most to you by delegating decisions to your staff.

Mold your team into champions by teaching your players your own custom designed system or use one of the system definitions from our community.

Balance your finances and invest in your success while navigating the egos and agendas of your staff and the behavior of your players.

Lead your team to glory!

What is TOBC?

Texas High School Football

Lead any Program – We’re starting with Texas and that means you’ll see every UIL football program from 1A-6A.

Coach your Team to Glory – Improve your team in practice and build better game plans to turn your team into a winner.

Build a Dynasty – Put together wins and build your team into a perennial contender.


Realism – TOBC uses advanced analytics techniques to provide the most realistic high school football simulator possible.

No Cheese – TOBC uses modern AI to create a challenging experience without any “cheese” so you can reduce your rage quits and throw your controllers less often.

Random World Generator – We have a pretty sweet random player generator that means each time you play the game it is different, but still colors within the outlines of the actual world of high school football.

Community Generated Mods – If you don’t want to play in a random world, you can load a community-generated mod that allows you to play specific scenarios.

Customize – Tune the game to your tastes and share those settings easily. We’re making it easy by keeping every aspect of the game possible exposed through simple text settings files.

Collaborate – TOBC is a community-driven high school football simulator. If there is a feature that feels off or that you think is missing, please tell us and we’ll look into fixing it or adding it to the game. We’re live on Twitch 3 days a week live coding and managing the company. So pop in and keep us honest.

Express Yourself – Develop your own personality in the game as a coach and manager. Balance strengths and weaknesses on personal skill and values development trees as you find your way to win.


John Reyes – CEO, Head of Product Development, Game Designer

The first game I ever played and fell in love with was Sid Meier’s Civilization. So Civ4 is my model of great game design.  My dream is that we can make TOBC the sports strategy Civ4. Additionally, in the realms of character development, randomization engines, and just fun gameplay we’re looking at Borderlands as a constant source of inspiration. In the sports realm, Out of the Park Baseball and Football Manager are our Jay-Z and Beyonce. They completely changed the landscape of sports simulation gaming but I always loved the idea of a Texas high school football simulator.  So now we’re working to bring that idea to life and build the game that I always wanted to play.

Dennis Schwent – CCO, Head of Football Affairs, Game Designer

(Coming Soon.)

James Williams – CTO, Head of Front-End Development, Game Designer

(Coming Soon.)

The Ultimate Vision

The ultimate vision is to cover all levels of football in America from high school to college to professional leagues.


One day, we want you and your friends to be able to work together as a staff managing your team as you work to outsmart  groups of people. Basically, one day we think there’s a massively multiplayer opportunity here. We are developing a long-term plan to figure out how to create a cooperative and competitive multiplayer system that can provide this type of epic gameplay.

History and Education

We think football is a great game and is a sort of beautiful athletic chess match. We love the stories and history of the game. Therefore we want to provide an easy way for our community to recreate extremely deep historical rosters using our engine. Then folks can play through the game of football as it has evolved through its history.

What about DLC? Have you thought about a freemium game?

We believe that a good game should be good on the day you purchase it and then just keep getting better. We are deeply committed to creating a game where your subscription keeps paying dividends in weekly updates, major feature additions, and the right to influence development all included in the price of the game. We’re making this game for you and we want to be sure we earn your subscription every month. Therefore, there will be no DLC to purchase, ever. And there will be no pay-to-win features, ever.

We know that games are a big part of how you have fun. We want to provide the best game at the best price we possibly can.