Moments of a High School Football Simulator

High school football is big. It is exciting. High school football is defined my huge moments that captivate the audience. Now, imagine if you could control those moments. With the High School football simulator called The Old Ball Coach, you can.

The Old Ball Coach is a High School football simulator available for your browser and mobile device. When playing TOBC, you can control every aspect of a High School football team. Ultimately, you are in charge of creating those BIG MOMENTS that High School football fans crave!


Picture this. You have put the finishing touches on your roster. Your game plan is perfected. You have fine tuned your team through grueling practices. You are now prepared to play your biggest rival. Now all you have to do is start the game. Once you start the game you find yourself struggling. Things aren’t going your way. You feel that you game planned for the wrong things. You’re in luck, HALFTIME.

Now you have to analyze the stats and the flow of the game. You talk to your players by yelling at your screen. Fast forward. The 4th quarter is here and you are losing by 5 with 45 seconds left. 3rd and 9. This could be your last play call.

high school football play

You go with your bread and butter. But you realize that your rival stacks the box and you feel a major rush coming. You audible to a play you haven’t ran in weeks. BOOM! YOU SCORE! Go wild! You have just created an amazing High School football moment.

high school football win

Those moment creations are what TOBC is all about. You are using our football management software to develop a simulation of what could actually happen on Friday Night. That feeling is why you will want to dedicate hours to preparing your team just right to enhance the probability of moments like that reoccurring. You will be willing to lose yourself in the game and craving for those moments. You will lose yourself in those moments. This will all happen while playing a High School football simulator created by two best friends who are chasing a dream.



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