High-Quality Football Coaching Games Needed!

There are not many football coaching games out there for football fans to play. If you want an easy game to pick up, Madden works great. However, if you’re searching for a deeper football experience,  the current market is unsatisfactory and Madden is historically lacking.

The Old Ball Coach allows a user to play the role of football head coach and general manager.


If you enjoy the franchise or dynasty mode of current football games, then The Old Ball Coach is the football coaching game for you. TOBC will be hosted online and will charge a monthly subscription.

TOBC is different from current football coaching games because it is a realistic simulation. It delivers a complete end-to-end management experience. In TOBC management is the entree not the side dish.

There’s no high-quality American football coaching game in the market currently. 50% of Madden’s audience is new every year. We believe a portion of that lost audience is searching for a deeper simulation game. A deeper, pure management experience needs richer features, not a bolted on afterthought. TOBC seeks to address the lack of depth and sophistication that currently exists in football games like Madden. 

We believe people want high-quality football coaching games. 

Our team imagined a game that had good statistics and mathematics behind it. We pined for a game that had deep simulation and tested us mentally, as a General Manager and Coach, the way other video games challenged hand-eye coordination. We wanted something that tested our decision-making skills as a football executive.

If you believe the way we do, help us build the game you want to play. We are custom building this game to cater to our audience. After the release of our demo, we are meeting with our Alpha testers via Twitch and Discord to listen to their reactions and take note of their feedback. Then each week, via twitch, our coders will use their feedback to guide their coding. (We love the internet.)

You play, we listen. We all get to play the game we want.

Join us.


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