The Old Ball Coach, or TOBC, is the first football coaching simulation game for serious football fans. While other market leaders in the sports gaming world offer gameplay as an actual football player, we’ll offer what it feels like to coach and manage a football team and lead them to glory!


We believe our audience, or coaches, want a fully immersive, turn-based game with realistic simulation and long gameplay. We’re equipped to offer just that because our code utilizes exceptional statistics and tried and true mathematics. We want to mentally challenge and stimulate football coaches by offering realistic problems that beg for expert coaching and decision making.


John Reyes

CEO | Head of Product Development

I am so excited to make this game for you. I taught myself to code so I could make this game. I am an over-educated serial-ish entrepreneur. Side note, this team is awesome!  

Rosita Tran

COO | Head of Customer Development

Texas Native. Raised on classic rock, backyard​ get-togethers, and football season. Banker by day, entrepreneur by night. If your dreams don't scare you, you're not dreaming big enough. I'm thrilled to be dreaming big with this great group of guys.

Dennis Schwent

CCO | Head of Football Affairs

​Former high school football & basketball coach on championship teams; current tech-savvy, organized, and creative math teacher. I play video games, tabletop games, and follow all things sports. I'm combining my interests creatively to produce a game that I dream about playing. I couldn't be doing it with a greater set of teammates.

James Williams

CTO | Head of Front-End Development

In Texas, football is a way of life. It's embedded in our DNA, so it's only natural to create a game to reflect that very nature. I'm a software developer with 8 years of experience creating web applications and I'm proud to be a member of this awesome team. I look forward to creating a game that not only we, but you can be proud of.